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Virtual Internship Program

Virtual Internship Program
Virtual Internship Program

The Virtual Internship Program is a first of its kind simulated internship experience from Univariety & Immrse Education. This innovative platform provides experiential learning for students. It helps them experience different careers through a 1-2 hour interactive program which gives a focused approach and holistic experience of their careers.

An average Student experiences 3-5 Virtual Internships to help him/her decide the best-fit Career

Upgrade your counselling practice and services with the Virtual Internship Program. Recommend this program to your students/clients and give them the choice of picking from a range of virtual internships of their choice. 

Mechanical Engineering
Chartered Accountancy
Fund Management
Computer Engineering
Film making
Fashion Designing
Civil Services
Family Business
Ethical Hacking
Graphic Designing

For instance, an Architecture aspirant can perform the tasks of an Architect in a simulated environment. On the same lines, students aspiring for different careers can get a first-hand experience through VIP. The Platform enables Students to experience 18 career options.

- Practical Experience

Lets your students do the tasks that actual professionals do in their field.

- Detailed VIP (Virtual Internship Program) Report

Our team of experts analyze the performance of the student and provide them with an in-depth report about their standing with respect to that field.

- Easy Online Access

Anytime. Anywhere. Enables students access the Program at the comfort of their homes.

- Professional Guidance

Have Industry Experts in their respective fields guide your students to make the right choice about their careers.

- Course Completion Certificate

A course completion certificate is given to the students in the specific choice of career after successfully completing the activities and simulations.

What is VIP (Virtual Internship Program)?

Virtual Internship Program™ (VIP) provides students with a hands-on practical experience of an occupation in real life-like situations. To know more about Virtual Internship Program, click on the following link.

Which age group does the VIP cater to?

The Virtual Internship Program is primarily meant for users who are confused about which career to choose. It is also meant for users who have little or no knowledge about a particular career and are inquisitive to experience new careers. The professional videos and engaging simulations (activities) have been designed scientifically for users aged 12 years and above. Users who are in the secondary standards in schools, who are in colleges, or who are working, may benefit the most out of the experience of VIP. However there is no specific age limit for the same.

How is the VIP scientific?
The VIP is an intensively researched, developed and tested program. Virtual Internship Program integrates simulations (tasks or activities a professional does on daily basis) with an in-depth orientation of the industry. These simulations tap practical skills and are designed and tested by experienced psychologists (age appropriate cognitive ability).

How is VIP different from other career counseling?

VIP is one step higher than career counseling. Unlike career counseling, VIP gives users a platform to understand a profession directly from an expert professional (through videos) as well as gives an opportunity for users to practically experience a profession (through activities) before they actually choose upon a particular career. Also, unlike traditional career counseling, through VIP, the user gets to take their own career decisions, based on how a particular profession interested them practically. VIP focuses more on career specific practical skill analysis.

How is VIP different from aptitude tests or Psychometric Tests?

Aptitude tests or Psychometric tests are pen and paper or online tests. They give you results based on the student’s aptitude, interest, ability, IQ or personality. VIP is a practical experience. The results obtained through VIP are based on career specific practical skills and career specific interests. Through VIP, one will understand exactly how successful he/she will be in a particular profession.

Will VIP benefit children who are sure of their career choice?

Yes, as it will serve the opportunity to the child to get a hands-on practical exposure to the career/s he/she is sure about. It provides a golden chance to gain an in-depth knowledge about that particular field ranging from every minute detail to holistic picture. The VIP assessment is unbiased. Through VIP, students will be able to confidently take decision with accuracy and precision.

How will a 1-2.5 hour virtual internship make a difference?

In the VIP, industry leaders and experts give you an in-depth analysis of your chosen career by explaining you about the work involved as well as future prospects. Each VIP has been designed after speaking to 20-30 industry experts from each career. The simulations have been crafted to ensure you get more than sufficient information to enable you to make a well-informed career choice.

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