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ProMap , world’s first college-ready and profile building program, guides students at making informed decisions from opting the right course to preparing for admissions to their dream colleges in just 50 days!

It helps Students identify and pursue non-academic activities, which boost the student’s profile. Thus, making them better prepared to secure admissions in top universities across the globe.

This cutting-edge program creates a customized roadmap based on a student’s academic profile preferences and interests. With experienced counsellors aiding from start to finish, the 50-day program will give students the means to put your first foot forward and get admission in a prestigious global university.

Key Features of the Program

Psychometric Tests 

Virtual Internships

Course & Country Selection

Personalised Counseling

Curated Online Sessions by experts

Customised Profile Building Roadmap

       Psychometric assessments for Career Selection

       Access to 3 Online Internships to experience different careers

       Personalised Counselling to finalise Course & Country

       Profile Building Roadmap based on student’s aptitude and interests

       Enrollment Guidance for recommended programs

       Aid by expert counsellors to build a scholarship worthy profile

What is ProMap ?

Promap is a profile building program that helps students to gain knowledge and skills, which enhance their non-academic profile.


I am in class 8. Am I eligible to enroll for ProMap ?

Yes. The ideal time for a student to enroll for the ProMap program is class 8. The earlier you start, the better it is for your future. 

What is the duration of the program?
The program will guide you through a stepwise roadmap in just 50 days.


With all my school work and projects, I don’t think I will be able to spend so much time? How do I manage that?
We understand that most students keep busy with their academic load, hence the counselors will carefully chalk out the Promap Roadmap for you. Spending 3-4 hours per weekend will help you complete the required set of courses to build your spectacular profile.

How will ProMap help me in building my profile?
The ProMap program gives students a customized roadmap to suit their requirements and interests with carefully curated non-academic activities to make their profile college-ready. Focused programs like Summer Programs, Student Exchange, Internships and Olympiads add value and enhance the students’ profile.


Why is it important for me to build my non-academic profile?
More than 70% of leading Global and Indian Universities look beyond the mark sheet for college admissions. Students who participate in non-academic activities are considered to be all-rounders, who will also bring awards and laurels to the University. Colleges are keen on enrolling students who not just have a good academic score but are also interested in extra-curricular activities. Thus, building a non-academic profile is important to get scholarship and admission in top universities. 

How many times can I get in touch with a counsellor?
The ProMap program offers two counselling sessions. You will be required to complete a set of assigned tasks before you connect with the counsellor for a session.


Will I have access to my counsellor after the ProMap sessions are completed?
No. Once your ProMap program ends, you will not have access to your counsellor. In case you need to connect with her, you can avail the “Book A Session” paid service to connect with your counsellor for further queries that you may have. 

Will taking ProMap help me in gaining scholarships? 
Yes, we ensure to recommend courses that add value and enhance the student’s profile. The customised roadmap with non-academic activities and internships helps the student build a scholarship-worthy profile. 

What kind of Non-Academic Programs does ProMap recommend?
An array of programs are suggested that could include a mix of Summer programs, Virtual Internships, Olympiads, Online Courses, Indian and Global Competitions, Exchange Programs, Performing and Fine Arts Programs.


What is the eligibility to enroll for the ProMap program? 
There is no specific age or subject requirement to enroll for the ProMap program. It’s apt for any interested student from class 8 and above.


Will I get a certificate on completion of the program?
Yes, you will get a certification from Univariety, once you complete the Promap program with us. 

Will you help me in getting an admission to my dream college?
We will help by guiding you on the requirements for a college admission and how you can fulfill them.


Will you guide me on how to showcase my activities to the universities?

Are all the courses paid courses only?
A mix of free and paid courses are suggested by the counsellor to ensure students gain knowledge as well as certificates from the courses that can be shown to the universities during the admission process.


Will I have to pay separately for online courses?
Yes. For the paid courses, you will have to purchase them for certification.

How many courses will I have to do?
Keeping in mind your profile strength, anywhere between 12-16 courses will be recommended by the counsellor. 

What if I am unable to finish all the courses as suggested by my counsellor?
It is for the benefit of the student that he/she aligns and manages his/her time to complete the courses within the specified time period. This timeline is mutually decided by the student and the counsellor.


Can a class 12 student enroll for the ProMap program?
Yes. A class 12 student can also enroll for the program. However, it is the student’s responsibility to dedicate time for completing the courses in time. The ideal time for students to this program is classes 8, 9, 10 and 11. 

I have plans to study in India only. How does ProMap help me?
Many top Indian universities are looking beyond the academic mark sheet. With the increasing competition, colleges are interested in enrolling students who are all-rounders. Building your non-academic profile gives you an edge over other students during the admission process even in India. 

Is ProMap meant only for students who wish to pursue their higher education abroad?

No, it can be taken up by students who wish to pursue their higher education internationally and in India as well.


What is a Non-Academic Student profile?

A Non-Academic Student profile showcases your student’s strengths and talks about who they are.


Why is a Non-Academic Student profile important?

More than 70% of leading Global and Indian Universities look beyond the mark sheet for college admissions, thus making a Non-Academic Student profile important.


Where can I find courses/activities for my students to pursue to enhance their non-academic profiles?

ProMap has a comprehensive list of activities and programs in its database which it matches through its proprietary algorithm to give a student his or her very own unique roadmap.


What kind of Non-Academic Programs does ProMap recommend?

Summer programs



Online Courses

Indian and Global Competitions

Exchange Programs

Performing & Fine Arts Programs

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