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Curriculum Evaluator

Curriculum Evaluator
Curriculum Evaluator

Univariety has developed a first-of-its-kind curriculum selection program called the Curriculum Evaluator. This program will help parents make decisions on choosing the right school curriculum for their children. The program has insights about various curricula available in India in a series of video modules and also a questionnaire that captures details, aspirations, constraints, and requirements to analyze their complete profile and suggest the right fit curriculum for their child. A recommendation report is generated at the end of the program which clearly states the best two recommended curricula for their child.

This program particularly helps clear confusion and gives a direction for the parent to move in and choose a curriculum. Our recommendation for you is based on highly reliable research data and designed scientifically by integrating qualitative inputs to analytical methods.

Also, the program includes a 30-minute one-on-one counseling session which would be conducted by you as a counsellor.

  • Help parents choose the right curriculum for their child.
  • The program helps you compare and guide parents between CBSE vs ICSE, Cambridge vs IB, CBSE vs IB, and others. 
  • Provides a deep fitment analysis that will help you recommend two closely fit curricula to your client 
  • Provides clarity to facilitate decision-making during your counselling sessions with the client. 

1) What are the contents of each module?

Each module has video sessions that talk about the curricula in detail complemented with case studies, questionnaires and expert insights. 

2) What is the duration of the course? 

This is a self-paced course

3) How do I get the recommendations? 

Through a one-to-one counseling session for parent and student. 

4) Does the course talk about curricula conducive to foreign admissions?

Yes, it gives a holistic view of how the curricula are mapped to international admissions with expert insights from university admission officers.

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