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Goal Setting Program (8 - 10)

Goal Setting Program (8 - 10)
Goal Setting Program (8 - 10)

Not knowing one’s own potential. 

Not having a goal and not understanding what to do next. 

Having a goal, but being unsure of the path to achieve it. 

These are the most common concerns of students between Grade 8 - 10. The Goal Setting Program addresses this concern, helps you understand who you are, where your true potential lies, the right career choice for you and the path to it in just 30 Days. 

We believe that early career clarity leads to early success and we help students achieve it. 

Choose the Goal Setting Program and go from ‘I don’t know’ to ‘I’m sure’ in just 30 days! 

Features of the Goal Setting Program:

  1. Psychometric assessments

  1. Career-based virtual internships

  1. Personalised counselling sessions

  1. Live sessions by alumni 

  1. Chat access to successful alumni 

  1. Customised goal sheet

  • Self-assessment of aptitude, interests & potential through psychometric assessments 

  • Validation of interests through career-based internships

  • Personalised counselling sessions to shortlist goals

  • Choosing the final goal through alumni interactions

  • Confirmation of the final goal through another counselling session

  • A customised goal sheet with achievable milestones that assures a successful future

What does the Goal Setting Program help with?

It helps students gain clarity about their career choices and goals, and work towards achieving success.

Who is the program applicable for?

Students between Grade 8 and Grade 10

What is the validity of the program?

30 days.

Why is it important for me to have a goal?

According to the Harvard MBA Business School Study on Goal Setting, students with written goals and concrete plans for them were 10 times more successful than the ones who had no goals. So to be successful, it is important that one has concrete goals and a plan to achieve them.

How many Virtual Internship Programs can I access ?

You will have access to unlimited Virtual Internship Program for the duration of the program (1 month).

What will I get at the end of the program?

You will receive a customised Goal sheet, which will give you a list of various milestones you should achieve in order to be able to achieve your final goal.

What are the various things I will get as a part of this program?

  • Psychometric assessments
  • Career-based virtual internships
  • Personalised counselling sessions
  • Live sessions by alumni 
  • Chat access to successful alumni 
  • Customised goal sheet

What is the process of the Goal Setting Program?

  1. Review of the current student profile

  2. Self-assessment through psychometric assessments and counselling sessions

  3. Validation through career-based internships & alumni interactions

  4. Final decision making with the assistance of another counselling session

  5. Creation of goal sheet

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